The lovely dudes at Table & Chairs (the same lovely dudes behind the Racer Sessions, the Sunday night experimental jazz performances which were ardently supported by both Drew and Don) are putting out a DVD of their performance in the alley next to the Cafe held on 6/3, now called Constellation. A link to preorder the DVD can be found on the "Participate" page. Thanks for your generosity guys, you're one in a million!

There's a slideshow up on the home page of photos taken some time ago by Laura Brodax. Her beautiful photographs showcase our colorful regulars drinking and laughing at the bar. Thanks Laura for capturing the heart of Roosevelt's living room.

Get the code for a CRL widget at the bottom of the home page and represent your Cafe Racer Love! 

Also, visit our "Participate" page for more creative ways to help the victims of the Cafe Racer Shooting and their families.