In the early hours of May 31st, they walked to Tubs (a few blocks down the road from the Cafe) toting aerosol paint canisters. On the side of the building, famous as one of the city's sanctioned graffiti art canvases, Dave and Laura (neighbors and longtime patrons-- [correction, you WERE there Dave! And Dustin, you may or may not have retold the story, but you are important nevertheless]) began to paint a simple phrase. This phrase embodies so much - the grief that streamed down the faces of the dancing revelers in the middle of the street, the joy that floated above in white paper lanterns, the bawdy and hilarious bravery in Drew's jokes, the comfort in Don's unwavering honesty, the sweetness in Joe's everyday grace and wit,  the diamonds in Kim's smile, the way tugging on Len's chin-braid is nigh irresistable. 

When the spray paint ran out, they fetched leftover house paint. They had no brushes, so they painted with their hands. When they were done, they gave us the simple phrase that names the only thing that's kept us going through such heartache: RACER LOVE. Naturally, when it came time to figure out what to name this website, there was not even a moment of hesitation.

It's painted over almost completely by now, but every time you drive by, know it's there. Because, it certainly isn't going away.


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