There is now an individual fund dedicated to the memory of our sweet, gentle, "punny" Joe Albanese. Visit the Donate page for more details.

More details about "The Best Medicine" a comedy/music benefit with silent auction at The Neptune on the 29th on the Celebrate page. The lineup looks amazing!

Also, Angela from Kelly Counseling is offering reduced rates for the remainder of 2012 to address shooting-related grief - great deal. Check out the Heal page for contact information.

Last but not least, a VERY exciting benefit project (including Jim Woodring, Ellen Forney and the potential to raise A TON of money for the victim's fund) is being worked out at Brown Paper Tickets right now, watch the Participate page to stay tuned for details! 
So many bands and organizers are coming forward to host benefit events - we are continuously awe-struck by the overwhelming generosity and empathy shown by those around us! Check the Celebrate and Participate pages for new additions to CRL (namely, two more events at The Comet Tavern and a carnival/trivia night at Clever Dunne's - they sound awesome!)

Also, there is now a general account set up for donations at Chase Bank. Those wishing to donate can visit ANY Chase branch and donate to the Victims of the Cafe Racer Shooting Memorial Fund. Please visit the Donate page for more information. 

Finally, the slideshow on the home page now contains photos of the Cafe demo/rebuild. We will be 
Get the code for a CRL widget (here and at the bottom of the home page) and represent your Cafe Racer Love! 

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The lovely dudes at Table & Chairs (the same lovely dudes behind the Racer Sessions, the Sunday night experimental jazz performances which were ardently supported by both Drew and Don) are putting out a DVD of their performance in the alley next to the Cafe held on 6/3, now called Constellation. A link to preorder the DVD can be found on the "Participate" page. Thanks for your generosity guys, you're one in a million!